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Unmatched sealcoating quality is how Alex got his start in the business. With that being said Fellows Blacktop holds true to its roots by providing our customers the best product matched with the pride and craftsmanship from a leading sealcoating business. No Job to big or to small, we sealcoat single parking driveways right up to industrial complexes!


All jobs are hand applied for a thicker, more even coat, which will provide your asphalt with a high quality protective layer during the freeze and thaw of our NY winters as well as making it look beautiful year around.  Commercial jobs can request spray application, but it is not an option we push, and we do not recommend it for residential jobs.  Fellows Blacktop is one of the few companies to buy our sealer bulk, which allows us to pass the savings on to the customer while not risking the integrity of a quality product!